Mission & Vision

OTTO Work Force believes in one European labour market without borders. As market leader in the field of international recruitment services we are continually on the lookout for new concepts in order to optimally serve the interest of our clients and employees with regards to flex work. At OTTO Work Force we conduct business from the heart and always take the extra step.

By strengthening our position in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, we are able to further optimize our concepts for our clients. At the same time, with our focus on RESPECT as the most important individual and corporate core value, we are able to improve the situation of our labour migrants.


‘Growth by focus’ is our strategy 2015-2017. Over the next few years we will grow further by focusing even more. We will not let ourselves be distracted, but will concentrate on what we are good at and will continue to improve on this.

Our clients deserve the best service. That is why there is no point in applying with OTTO when you are just good. We only appoint the best people. Only the best people make a real difference.Talented and successful professionals know what should happen and what should be done. They are in control. Our professionals are therefore central to our strategy.

The strategy of OTTO as a whole can only succeed if each person translates this into action and actually implements this. The best people are disciplined, have focus and are in control. That is the key message. And we will never go for less. Therefore, RESPECT is and will remain the bottom line of our actions.