OTTO Foundation

OTTO Work Force feels socially involved with the regions where some of our employees come from. Therefore we want to contribute to the solutions of the sometimes still distressing problems in these areas. We do this with our OTTO Foundation.



Ukraine has been hit by Russian aggression and this affects us all deeply. The people of our company feel very connected to Ukraine. We all feel deeply for our 3,000 Ukrainian colleagues, our 6 offices in the country and the fate of the whole population.

We feel powerless, but we can do something for the victims of the war. Therefore we have opened our OTTO Foundation account for donations. Every euro that comes in will be doubled by OTTO Work Force. The money will be spent in collaboration with international and local aid organizations.

You can donate to the foundation simply by clicking the link below or by scanning the QR code with your phone. The link will direct you to a secure payment channel to donate directly to the foundation.

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Board OTTO Foundation

Justyna Kooijmans

Secretary OTTO Foundation

Karolina Swoboda

Chair OTTO Foundation

Peter Bouman

Treasurer OTTO Foundation

De bestuurders ontvangen geen beloning voor hun werkzaamheden. Zij hebben wel recht op vergoeding van de door hen in de uitoefening van hun functie gemaakte kosten. Er is geen personeel in dienst bij Stichting OTTO Foundation.