Sponsorships of young, international talent

A large portion of our employees is between 18 and 35 years old. Young, international talents who excel in their field. We identify ourselves particularly with this target group. It is precisely for this reason that the name of OTTO has been linked with various international top sportspeople over the last few years. Recently, OTTO Work Force became the major sponsor of the Polish Ice-Skating Association. In addition, we have also entered into sponsorships with for instance, racing drivers Jeroen Bleekemolen and Yelmer Buurman, tennis stars Michelle Gerards and Lynn Schonhage, skater Zbyszek Bródka and motocross talent Jeremy de Vink.

Sponsorship at regional level
We also want to make a contribution to events at a regional level with which we can identify. On a regular basis we sponsor clubs, organisations and associations with their heart in the right place. We do this mainly around our offices and locations of Labour Housing (where a number of our employees are accommodated).

More information?
Is your heart in the right place and do you need assistance of OTTO Work Force as sponsor for your club, association, organization or event? Contact us.