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07 Jun 2017
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‘Big data and virtual reality are game changers in the employment services industry’

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Use of new technologies brings on spectacular savings in terms of induction training and employees outflow

OTTO Work Force, as the first big service provider in the Netherlands, makes use of virtual reality and big data to train and match flex employees. The first results show that thanks to introducing these revolutionary technologies the induction periods and the undesired outflow of flex employees at the client companies has halved. The Virtual Trainer is a part of the OTTO Innovations Lab which goes officially live today.

One of the new solutions applied by OTTO Work Force is training warehouse employees in the virtual reality. Persons instructed in the Virtual Trainer put on the VR goggles and go through the digital training which would normally take place in the warehouse at the client’s company. The work environment at the client company can be replicated in details in a virtual environment. Thanks to this digital practice flex employees are prepared for their new jobs much faster.  This saves as much as fifty percent of time needed for induction.

Big data improves matching of flex employees
Next to the virtual reality training, OTTO Work Force introduces a completely new way of matching employees with a company: Best Match. This system allows make the best match between the client and candidate, based on the big data. Resting on the client-specific best performer profile, the system checks which company the candidate would feel most comfortable with. This solution contributes to a considerable increase in the employee satisfaction and productivity. The pilot, which had been run in the past months, demonstrated that thanks to the Best Match the undesired outflow has been reduced by half and the employee tenure at new clients has extended commensurately.

The Virtual Trainer and Best Match are parts of the OTTO Innovations Lab which goes officially live today. The possibilities to apply the latest technologies within OTTO Work Force are examined here. OTTO Innovations Lab is located on the 8th floor of the OTTO Work Force office in Utrecht. Alongside the Virtual Trainer and Best Match, OTTO Work Force launches two other brand new solutions. With the help of OTTO E-cards an environment has been created which allows test and train (flex) employees on-line on e.g. safety and work instructions. This can be done on a computer or smart phone. Additionally, OTTO inaugurates the 15 Seconds Feedback which enables measurement of the satisfaction levels of both clients and employees. The clients can express their opinion on satisfaction with an employee by choosing a relevant smiley.

Frank van Gool, CEO of OTTO Work Force, states that thanks to the OTTO Innovations Lab and solutions originating there, his company is cutting edge in its field. “We attach great value to personal development of our flex employees and make room for talent. The innovative tools that we are introducing have a hand in it. The currently launched products are of great advantage to our partners, as the client and employee are matched in the optimal way.  The application of big data for personnel selection is a game changer in the employment services branch. Moreover, thanks to the custom-made training the employees can be set to work quickly and fully prepared.”