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Since the establishment of OTTO Work Force in 2000, the company has experienced tremendous growth and we have grown into the largest international employment organization in the Netherlands. We assist employees in one country with temporary work in another country. In addition, our company offers employment on a large scale to people in their home countries. More than 21,000 flex workers are employed through our company, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. In Western and Central Europe we operate a total of 50 offices.

As international employment service we make a contribution to the realisation of the European ideal of open borders and the free movements of persons. At national level we play a role in the debate about fair treatment, integration and accommodation. And at individual level we offer our employees work, but above all a future. This is the essence of it all: to offer people a future.

We offer our employees the highest quality standards in terms of service. Receiving your salary in time, and correct payment for irregular shifts. And what’s more: no better touch than the personal touch. At OTTO Work Force we treat people, as we like to be treated ourselves. With respect! Our employees are our capital and we take very good care of them. Our endeavours to achieve the highest quality standards are further underlined by our memberships and certifications.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we deploy some 11,500 flex workers each day. They are predominantly from other EU-member countries, but have often been a resident in this country for several years.


With some 2,000 employees we are one of the larger employment services in Germany. This means that we are able to offer our employees a wide range of jobs.


With some 7,500 employees we are a large employment service company, both in the national and international market. We regularly have challenging positions available at varying educational levels.


The local employment sector in Slovakia has undergone tremendous growth over the past few years. OTTO aims to continue offering various career opportunities in Slovakia in the coming years.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic OTTO has an office in Olomouc. The focus is on jobs for local employees, who live and work in their own region. However, Czech employees may also opt to work abroad.


Each day hundreds of employees from Hungary work for OTTO Work Force in the Netherlands and Germany. In Hungary we offer boundless career opportunities.


Wherever you may come from, at OTTO quality goes before nationality. Each day hundreds of people from Ukraine are deployed by OTTO.


National labour markets are becoming ever more international. An increasing number of people work in another country. Working abroad is becoming easier, more accessible and more attractive.