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After the take-over of Olympia Personaldienstleistungen in 2010, OTTO Work Force is also represented in Germany. With almost 50 offices we cover a substantial part of Germany. In keeping with the activities of OTTO Work Force in other EU member countries, in Germany we also aim for the highest quality standards in our service for our employees. This is emphasised by our membership of BAP (Federal Employers Association), Collective Labour Agreements with BZA/DGB (German Temporary Employment Association/German Trade Union) as well as ISO-9001:2008-certification.

A job in your own region
Each day more than 2,000 employees are deployed in Germany through OTTO Work Force. These are mostly local workers, who live and work in their own region.


A job abroad
In 2011 Germany opened its borders to labour migrants from a number of Central and Eastern European EU member states. This means that employees from, for instance, Poland, Slovakia or Hungary, can work in Germany.

In Germany we are one of the largest employment agencies. This means that we can offer you a wide range of jobs. We are primarily involved in logistics, industry, automotive and call centres. We regularly have exciting vacancies at various educational levels in these sectors!

More info?
Would you like further information about the opportunities OTTO Work Force can offer you? Or are you looking a challenging position? Please contact us.