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With a nationwide network we are represented in most large cities in Poland. The OTTO Work Force Head Office for Central and Eastern Europe is situated in Wroclaw. In keeping with the activities of OTTO Work Force in other EU member countries, we also aim for the highest quality standards in our service for our employees in Poland. This is emphasised by the membership of the Polski Forum HR.

A job in your own region
Each day more than 7,500 people are employed in Poland through OTTO Work Force. These are predominantly local workers, who live and work in their own region.

A job abroad
At OTTO Work Force we focus on quality rather than nationality, irrespective of where you come from. In Poland, OTTO Work Force offers boundless career opportunities. Literally boundless, because we mediate between EU member states on a vast scale. Polish employees may choose to work abroad, in the Netherlands or Germany, for instance. In those countries we deploy people on a large scale in various sectors. We have the strongest representation in logistics, the food industry, manufacturing and horticulture. We have a great number of challenging positions in those sectors, from lbo-level (basic occupational qualification) to mbo-level (intermediate occupational qualification) and beyond. Being one of the largest employment services in Europe, we have a vast number of career opportunities.

Poland is also a country that increasingly offers opportunities to labour migrants, for instance to workers from Ukraine. Nowadays, employees from Ukraine can work legally and unrestrictedly in Poland for a period of six months. This period may thereafter be extended.

In Poland we are one of the largest employment agencies, both for local and international positions. This means that we can offer you a wide range of jobs. We regularly have exciting vacancies at various educational levels in several sectors, ranging from production worker to controller or logistics manager. In Poland we have the perfect job for you.

More info?
Would you like further information about the opportunities OTTO Work Force can offer you? Or are you looking for a challenging position? Please contact us.