OTTO Work Force

in the Netherlands


flex workers in the Netherlands

Our offices in the Netherlands are situated in Utrecht, Tilburg, Den Haag, Amstelveen, Nijkerk and Venray. The Venray office is also our international head office. Our commitment to the highest quality standards is underlined by our membership of ABU (Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies) as well as the NEN 4400-1 and VCU-certification.

A job in your own region
Each day more than 11,500 flex workers, largely from other EU member states, and often having lived in our country for years, are at work in the Netherlands via our Company.

A job abroad
OTTO Work Force also offers ample opportunities to employees who are not of Dutch origin, either when you have been working in the Netherlands as a labour migrant, or if you have never worked here before. It makes no difference to us. At OTTO Work Force we believe in quality over nationality, regardless of where you have come from.

It is important to us that our employees can rely on us having our affairs in order. Are you going to work in the Netherlands, but do not have accommodation? No problem. OTTO Work Force assists you by looking for accommodation in the vicinity of your work. Suitable accommodation, which complies with the strict quality standards of the ABU and bears the ABU Certified Flex Home seal of quality. No means of transport? Also no problem! We arrange your transport to and from work. Furthermore, taking out health insurance through OTTO Work Force is yet another of the many benefits we can offer you.

We ensure that you will be given sufficient coaching both at the work place as well as your accommodation, because we fully understand that leaving home to live and work in the Netherlands is a daunting undertaking!

Work activities
In Nederland we deploy people on a large scale for various sectors. We are most strongly represented in logistics, the food industry, manufacturing and horticulture. We have a great number of challenging positions in these sectors, from lbo-level (basic occupational qualification) to mbo-level (intermediate occupational qualification) and beyond. Being one of the largest employment services in Europe, we have many career opportunities.

Training opportunities
Our credo is that our employees are our capital. And in order to earn interest, you have to invest your capital. Above all, we like to invest by teaching you more competencies. Further education, a course or further training could possibly offer you an opportunity to start a great career in a short space of time.

More info?
Would you like further information about the opportunities OTTO Work Force can offer you? Or are you looking for a challenging position? Please contact us.