On-Site Services

On-Site Services is a salient feature of our service package. When regular use is made of large groups of flex workers, or when there is a fluctuating demand for large numbers of flex workers, the role of a flexible employment adviser is essential. In such cases, we offer our services “on location” and call this On-Site Services.

On location
On behalf of our client we take care of all necessary services on the location of the client, in order to facilitate the operation in terms of flex workers and (if required) fixed-term flex workers. This way we are close to the planning and are able to anticipate. We are able to absorb sudden peaks with our large pool of flex workers, so that we can guarantee optimal personnel levels (staffing). If required, we can increase the numbers in a few hours, or decrease the numbers, for that matter. This enables us to guarantee customized deployment of flex workers each and every day. The continuity of production is guaranteed in this manner, resulting in lowering of cost and improvement of process.

More info?
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