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30 Mar 2018
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European market leader becomes global player

OTTO Work Force (’OTTO’) has signed a strategic partnership with OUTSOURCING Inc. (’OSI’). This Japanese staffing group is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and holds a strong position in the Asian market. The firm also operates in South America and Australia, and is increasingly expanding in Europe. OTTO is market leader in international employment services in Europe and foresees an increase in intercontinental labor migration in the coming years due to economic growth and the aging of the population. Thanks to OSI’s global network, OTTO can now expand its position as market leader in Europe to the global market.

OTTO remains OTTO
OSI acquires a majority stake in OTTO Work Force, but OTTO remains OTTO. The brand and management of OTTO Work Force remain unchanged. Founders Frank van Gool (CEO) and Karolina Swoboda (Operational Director NL) have confirmed to remain committed to OTTO for at least the next five years.

Global ambitions
Frank van Gool: “For some sectors, the European labor market has already become too small. This is the perfect opportunity to realize our global growth ambitions even faster. OSI has a fantastic global network and allows its partners to retain their own identity. For OTTO, this is of foremost importance in order to retain the OTTO DNA. We can now further expand the strong brand we have built. OTTO commenced with labor migration between Poland and the Netherlands in 2000. Since 2010, we have expanded our sphere of activity and established ourselves as European market leader. Now that we seem to have outgrown the European market, we start operating globally. As a result of the collaboration with OSI, OTTO will work together with OSI Group to launch an additional business line which allows knowledge workers and professionals from Asia and the rest of the world to come to Europe.’’

Strategic partnership
Mr. Atsushi Nakamoto, Senior Executive Director & Head of Overseas and Domestic Manufacturing & Service Business Division at OUTSOURCING Inc.: “We have been providing borderless recruiting and staffing services to both workers and clients by expanding into a global network. We are pleased to be able to join forces with OTTO, which has not only established the most successful pan-european recruiting and staffing provider but also shares common vision with OSI. Together with Frank van Gool, the CEO of OTTO, and his team we are excited to expand our global business and further deepen our excellence in the facilitation of cross-border mobility of workforces’’.

About OTTO Work Force
OTTO Work Force was founded in 2000 and has established itself as largest international employment organization in Europe. OTTO believes in a European labor market without borders and focuses on internationalization, innovation, and a respectful relationship with migrant workers. OTTO now has a branch network in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands. Over 20,000 flex workers are active in Europe through OTTO every day. The company prospects a turnover of 350 million euros for 2018.

Outsourcing Inc. (‘’OSI’’) is a Japanese staffing group listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with over 30 group companies and partnerships in Japan and 60 globally; 60,000 employees; and an annual turnover of approximately 1.7 billion euros. Apart from holding a strong position on the Asian labor market, the company significantly expanded its activities in Australia and Latin America in recent years. Now, the firm strengthens its position in Europe.



Photo (from left to right): Frank van Gool (CEO OTTO Holding), Mr. Haruhiko Doi, (CEO OUTSOURCING Inc.) and Karolina Swoboda (Operational Director OTTO Work Force NL) .